Architectural Change Request

The Change Request should be filled out and submitted to Crown Property Management

Please make sure that your submissions comply with the Claraboya CC&Rs

After the completed package is submitted the ARC will review the submission and provide feedback to the resident.

Useful Documents


(As stated by Claraboya CC&Rs)

As provided in the restrictions an Architectural Committee is employed to control design, elevation, location, landscaping, materials, color, finish and shape of new buildings and proposed alterations to existing improvements so that all improvements conform to a sound and attractive plan of development and improvement. The restrictions were carefully designed and must be enforced so that the character and setting of Claraboya is insured and all owners protected against loss of values.
The architectural Committee is concerned with these objectives and there is no desire to restrict the submission of designs by capable Architects or Designers, however, extremes in design or architecture will be discouraged.
In order to expedite approval by the committee, it is suggested that a preliminary floor plan with elevation sketches and plot plan be submitted for preliminary approval prior to the submission of the final working drawings. The final working drawings must be submitted and approved before construction can begin. It should be noted that final plans must conform with the City of Claremont building codes. These plans should be submitted in duplicate and contain the following information:

(A) Plot plan: At a scale of 1″ equals 20′ or larger including lot number, dimensions and square footage of building, accurate location of building, garage, drives, walks, patios and service yards, plus all set backs dimensioned together with fences or walls and their heights.

(B) Foundation plan: Showing foundation plans and details and any retaining walls and details.

(C) Floor plan: Showing floor elevations and square feet area.

(D) All elevations: Showing all elevations of the building and the natural as well as finished grades at the building.

(E) Construction section: Showing maximum heights of building above reference grade.

(F) All materials: Detailed description of materials to be used and location. Imitation of materials is discouraged.

(G) Colors: A statement of exterior colors must accompany the final drawings. Color sample must be submitted for approval before construction.

(H) Drainage: Drawing and explanation of how surface water drainage is provided for.

(I) Landscaping: Showing location and type of plants, hedges, trees, etc., to be planted.

Consideration must be given in the design of the landscaping as to the location of trees in regards to the view of adjoining lots.
To avoid expensive delays and extra cost, owners and contractors should be careful that construction and landscaping is in accordance with approved plans. Any member or agent of the committee may enter the premises to inspect progress of the structure at any reasonable time. Declarant has the legal authority to stop construction in the event of any deviation from the approved plans and specifications. [End of Section]
Additional note: As of 2012, the City of Claremont requires 3 hard copies of plans for approval. Therefore, 4 hard copies of the final plans should be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval. When the final plans are approved (or rejected), the Committee will return 3 copies to the property owner or his/her representative that are stamped and signed off. One copy will be retained for the records of the Committee and the Association.


The Architectural Committee (“Committee”) of the Claraboya Homeowners’ Association (“CBHOA) fully recognizes, appreciates and complies with the California Civil Code provisions, in particular CC § 714 and 714.1 pertaining to solar energy installations. The Committee has previously approved solar panel installations in Claraboya pursuant to the provisions of the Claraboya Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (“CC&Rs’) and will continue to approve any proposed solar panel installation that is reasonable and in conformance with our CC&Rs. For approval, a particular proposed installation plan must not interfere with the views of other properties on our stair-stepped hill, and must be compatible with structures and surrounding properties. In order for the Committee to evaluate and approve an installation plan, we require fully dimensioned plans, the same as for any construction or remodeling project, showing the particulars of the installation, materials, and the specific location on the property/structure. Elevation perspectives are required.
Please note:
(1) The Committee cannot provide a yes or no with respect to a proposed solar energy installation without reviewing plans that show the details. As stated above, we require real plans to be submitted per the CC&Rs the same as for other remodels and as set forth by CC § 714(e)(1). We are aware that some solar companies will not provide plans unless the property owner signs a contract, i.e. commits to the solar project before either the Committee or the City of Claremont has even had a chance to review the installation plans. The Committee advises property owners to avoid any such arrangement.
(2) Pursuant to CC § 714.1, any application/plans for a solar energy installation must indicate who will own the installed system, i.e. whether the system is being purchased or leased. In addition, pursuant to CC § 714.1(d) the solar energy system installer is required to indemnify CBHOA and its members for any loss or damage caused by the installation, maintenance, or use of the solar energy system.


INDEMNITY AGREEMENT (To be provided on solar energy installer’s letterhead) below

or copy word link above.

Subject: Solar energy installation at __(fill in address)__________, Claremont, CA 91711.

With respect to the subject solar energy installation expected to be accomplished as of approximately __(fill in month and year)__:

  1. The installed solar energy system will be ___(fill in either “leased” or “owned”__ by the homeowner; and
  2. Pursuant to California Civil Code 714.1 (d), the solar energy system installer, (insert name of solar energy system installer), hereby indemnifies the Claraboya Homeowners’ Association and its members for any loss or damage caused by the installation, maintenance, or use of the solar energy system.

Executed on behalf of the solar energy system installer by its duly authorized representative: